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The Bowers VERS30 has arrived!

The Bowers Group sent me their new 30-calibre suppressor, the VERS30T.  It’s titanium and it’s a Bowers!   They even gave me a customized serial number.  This will be a demonstration item.  That is, I will demo it on different hosts.  The Thompson Center Compass, while being very inexpensive, is a good host.  It’s an accurate and well-made rifle for its price point.   Below are the pictures of the VERS30T. It’s a sealed suppressor.  If you want to hear what it sounds like or rather what it does to the loud bark of 30-cal rifle cartridge, please contact me.



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Spring is finally here! New items available!

I have two CZ-EVO SBR, an AR-15 SBR,  a SIG SP2022 SBR with a Mako KPOS,  Savage MKII-FV SR bolt-action suppresor ready .22LR rifles, an M1 Carbine, plenty of 22LR subsonic ammo, Federal Gold Medal .22LR ammo, 9mm 147gr subsonic ammo, dirt cheap AR-15, a Romanian PSL in 7.62×39, VZ-2008, AMD-65, and a bunch of other stuff for sale.  I haven’t had the time to post the pictures.  But in when I do, I will post the pictures.

If you need a price check or would like some opinions or want to order, please email me.


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Reviews of the Bowers’ VERS50, VERS458, and VERS9S

The Modern Rifleman and Ammoland have very detailed reviews of the VERS50, VERS458, and VERS9S suppressors.  Please check out the reviews:

The Bowers Group makes fantastic products and have customer service second to none in the suppressor in industry.   Tom and Dorothy make the time to answer questions and provide the best customer service. All of my customers who purchase Bowers products are absolutely satisfied with their purchase!

The Bowers Group’s 8″ Paradigm is by far the quietest .22LR suppressor I’ve shot.