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New items added/available

Items added to the shop are

  1. New Remington TAC14 12-Gauge Firearm. Pictures posted.
  2. New Slidefire LEFT-HANDED Bumpfire stock for the AR15.  Pictures posted.
  3. New Walther PPX M1 SD 9mm. Pictures posted. This pistol has a threaded barrel and has the best striker-fired trigger pull.
  4. New Walther P22 .22LR Pistol.  Pictures posted.
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The VERS9S on a 7.62x39mm AR-15

The Bowers VERS9S with the stainless steel baffle stack can handle the 7.62x39mm cartridge up to 2650fps.  It’s a also great 9mm sub-machine gun suppressor.   The unit below is available for demonstrations so contact me if you would like to see it in action.


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The Bowers VERS30 has arrived!

The Bowers Group sent me their new 30-calibre suppressor, the VERS30T.  It’s titanium and it’s a Bowers!   They even gave me a customized serial number.  This will be a demonstration item.  That is, I will demo it on different hosts.  The Thompson Center Compass, while being very inexpensive, is a good host.  It’s an accurate and well-made rifle for its price point.   Below are the pictures of the VERS30T. It’s a sealed suppressor.  If you want to hear what it sounds like or rather what it does to the loud bark of 30-cal rifle cartridge, please contact me.



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Spring is finally here! New items available!

I have two CZ-EVO SBR, an AR-15 SBR,  a SIG SP2022 SBR with a Mako KPOS,  Savage MKII-FV SR bolt-action suppresor ready .22LR rifles, an M1 Carbine, plenty of 22LR subsonic ammo, Federal Gold Medal .22LR ammo, 9mm 147gr subsonic ammo, dirt cheap AR-15, a Romanian PSL in 7.62×39, VZ-2008, AMD-65, and a bunch of other stuff for sale.  I haven’t had the time to post the pictures.  But in when I do, I will post the pictures.

If you need a price check or would like some opinions or want to order, please email me.